Hazell Bros is a supplier of choice for construction materials. We have a proven record of excellence in the construction industry for our high-quality aggregate and workability in road base materials. We have two quarries, the first and largest at Leslie Vale in southern Tasmania and the second at Long Hill in Tasmania’s north-west.

Leslie Vale Quarry produces close to 1M tonnes of crushed dolerite per annum, as well as other materials including white rock and decomposed dolerite.
Our fast-developing Long Hill Quarry is a rich source of high-quality dolerite.
Our National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited testing facility, QualTech, ensures our quarries provide Hazell Bros operations with products we can trust. With hundreds of satisfied external clients, our quarry products are some of the most sought after in Tasmania.
In addition to our quarries, we operate a modern fleet of track-mounted mobile crushing and screening plants, which comprises primary, secondary and tertiary units, screens and pugmills. These can be transported and set up throughout Australia.
Hazell Bros can carry out high-capacity production of a broad range of products to meet clients’ specifications, including:
• Dolerite source rock compliant to DSG G6 & Vic Roads C.O.P 500 specifications
• Meeting DSG R40 & Vic Roads Sec 801 specifications 
• Sealing & Concrete aggregate materials produced to AS 2758
• Client-tailored requirements.

Contact Details:

Leslie Vale Quarry

All enquiries call Scott Crawford on 0429 433 752

Long Hill Quarry

General enquiries call Warren Dick on 0439 672 366

Sales enquiries call Gary Poulton on 0409 026 936





Landfill & Recycling

Hazell Bros has created a recycling centre that brings new opportunities to lessen our impact on our natural surroundings and explore new markets for recycled materials.  After investing in equipment and expertise, Hazell Bros is leading the way with its recycle centre based at its Leslie Vale Quarry.  Materials such as inert building and demolition waste, clean fill, wood, brick, inert synthetic material, glass, concrete, rock and fencing material can all be recycled by Hazell Bros.  Materials can be sourced both internally and externally.

Glass Recycling 

Having a relationship with Veolia to recycle glass has been the catalyst for Hazell Bros to revolutionise glass recycling in Tasmania.

Our research and testing over the past five years has allowed us to create quality recycled glass for use in asphalt production, masonry products and for use in pipe embedment.

Research has found that proportions of up to 10-5% of recycled glass sand can be used successfully in most applications. Furthermore, research has identified polished aggregate friction valves (PAFV) can lead to a decreased PSV, improving skid resistance of the pavement.
Recycled glass sand graded to minus 8.00mm is currently blended with natural sand replacing up to 50% of natural sand product. Conservation of scarce natural resource while improving product sustainability and substantial energy benefits into our environment.
Recycled glass sand is rapidly becoming accepted and widely used across the civil and building construction industries. This product is easy to work with and is easily compacted in the trench due to the consistency of its grading and angular shape.


Feel free to call us on the numbers below during regular office hours or use our contact form after hours and we’ll reply to your question as soon as possible.

03 6277 7888 OR 07 5568 8000

HEAD OFFICE: 14 Farley St, Derwent Park TAS 7009