Wind Farms

2019 Cattle Hill Wind Farm (Goldwind)

This is the largest contract ever awarded to the business in its own right.

Works included 48 turbine footings, each averaging 450m3 of concrete; 26km of access roads; crushing and screening of road building material on site; steel fixing; management of 40km of electrical reticulation cabling; construction of substation, including control building; and operations and maintenance building.

2007 Studland Bay Wind Farm (Hydro Tasmania)

Works included construction of 24km access roads; establish and operate two mobile concrete batch plants to produce 15,000m3 of concrete; construction of 25 16.6x16.6m reinforced concrete footings for the towers, each containing 40T reinforcing steel and 450m3 concrete; construction of 25 45x45m hardstands; design and construction of control building; construction of switchyard footings; installation of 25km of underground cables; and civil works for 5km of transmission line, including temporary access roads and pole footings.

2012/13 Musselroe Wind Farm (Hydro Tasmania)

Works included construction of control building and associate switchyard footings; construction of 45km of internal road network and associated local road upgrades; construction of 56 octagonal reinforced concrete footings for the towers; onsite quarrying of road building materials; establishment and operation of two mobile concrete batch plants; and establishment of a fully-equipped 80-person construction camp in Gladstone.