Hobart Airport Interchange

ProjectTasman Highway – Hobart Airport Interchange
LocationCambridge, TAS
ClientDepartment of State Growth
Key worksRoadways

The Hobart Airport Interchange project was required to replace the existing Hobart Airport roundabout with a solution that improved the existing traffic congestion and allowed for high projected growth for the Hobart Airport and the Sorell/Cambridge area.

After an initial design phase, the Department of State Growth elected to undertake the project as design and construct contract model to allow for innovative solutions from the industry. During the tender phase, Hazell Bros partnered with designer Cardno and proposed raising the Tasman Highway over the intersection, a design solution focused on the following key items:

  • Providing a high level of service in accordance with 2041 traffic modelling.
  • Minimising traffic impacts to the road user during construction through carefully designed temporary traffic arrangements and staging.
  • Delivering a value for money outcome for the Department of State Growth.

The final design of the interchange was comprised of the following key items:

  • A 22-metre wide, 44-metre long dual span overpass bridge structure, overpass for the Tasman highway founded on driven piles.
  • 100,000m³ on imported and placed embankment material to construct the two bridge approaches of the Tasman Highway.
  • Construction of four on/off ramps on existing ground level
  • A “dog bone” roundabout connecting on/off ramps, Kennedy Drive and Holman Avenue below the overpass.
  • Extension of the 4-lane arrangement east, past the Hobart airport runway
  • Extensive service relocations, including TasWater, TasNetworks, Telstra, NBN and Optus.
  • Installation of a new lighting network to all ramps and intersections
  • Installation of a new ITS system including smart cameras, and two overhead gantry VMS information boards.
  • Installation of a detailed stormwater network on low lying ground including settlement ponds to account for high flow situations

Upgrades to local roads to improve access safety to local businesses and the Hobart Airport