10 Murray Street, Hobart

10 Murray St forms part of the Parliament Square precinct, with the project site bordered by Parliament House, Salamanca Building and 34 Davey St. Stage 2 of the Parliament Square Redevelopment involved demolition of the 13-storey 10 Murray St building, retentions of the 12 Murray St heritage facade, and demolition of the 12 Murray St building.

Due to the proximity of the works to neighbouring occupied office buildings and businesses, additional environmental considerations were adopted for the duration of the works including dust, noise and vibration monitoring. Specialised contractors were engaged to install monitors and track levels with additional noise monitoring conducted in sensitive areas.

Additionally, regular meetings were held with stakeholders to communicate where the work program and construction methods were presented to inform people of what they could expect in the progression of the works, how the dust, noise and vibration are being managed. This also provided a platform for Hazell Bros to understand what the stakeholders’ concerns were through project delivery.

The design maximised the footprint of the demolished 10 and 12 Murray St buildings presenting challenges in maintaining the structural stability of the surrounding buildings during project delivery. The construction required 800m3 of material to be excavated. Survey monitoring points were established on buildings adjacent to the site, including the maintained heritage façade, to measure any movement during excavation and construction of the retaining wall.

The 10 Murray St groundworks involved excavation of the site approximately 12m below existing ground level and 0.5m below sea level. This presented significant challenges with the ingress of groundwater during piling and excavation.

Construction of the retaining wall consisted of 172 contiguous bored piles and 140 ground anchors. The design and installation of the ground anchors had to consider the surrounding building structures and underground services, particularly where they were installed under the existing Murray St road.

ClientCitta Property Group
Duration14 months
Contract Value$14M