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Safety Upgrades on the Bruce Highway

Hazell Bros have started work on safety upgrades along a 2.4km stretch of the Bruce Highway just north of Gin Gin. This project is being undertaken in conjunction with Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland)​ & Queensland Government​ to improve safety and efficiency for all road users.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack MP​ck says, “We are investing in making the Bruce safer, so people can get home to their families sooner and safer, as well as boosting productivity.”

These works will include delivering a wider centreline to increase the distance between oncoming vehicles, which will significantly improve safety along this stretch of the highway. Safety is such an important factor for Hazell Bros, and being able to complete a project that will hopefully save lives is a positive opportunity for us.

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey MP - Labor for Miller​ said the project would also include installing Township Entry Treatments (TET) north and south of Gin Gin.

“TET involve installing signs and line-marking at the entrance to rural towns to remind drivers to slow down,” Mr Bailey said.
“These treatments have proven effective in reducing vehicle speeds and crash rates as they enhance a driver’s awareness of the changing road environment.

“TET programs have also been successfully rolled out in New Zealand and the United Kingdom with both countries recording a reduction in travel speeds and crashes.”

The North of Gin Gin project has allowed Hazell Bros to employ 27 new positions over the life of the project. This is exciting for us, as we always appreciate opportunities to support the communities in which we operate. With several road safety projects having already been delivered across the region, being able to continue to support that many positions is great news for the company and our culture.

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