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Pialba-Burrum Heads Roads, Scrub Hill Road and Wide Bay Drive Intersection

The Hazell Bros Queensland team has recently finished the upgrades to the Pialba-Burrum Heads Road, Scrub Hill Road and Wide Bay Drive intersection. This project involved changes to the intersection to improve the safety of pedestrians and motorists, and to also improve traffic movement through the area.

With hard work and careful planning, the team were able to reduce the projects duration by 5 months! They achieved practical completion last month within 10 months instead of the expected 15.

This is the largest completed by Hazell Bros within the Department of Transport and Main Roads- Wide Bay region, valued at approximately $15 million.

The project was located front of two large schools. This was the team’s biggest challenge during construction. Managing the movements of students and passers-by on a daily basis was critical. The team expertly managed the safety concerns by installing a 1.8m high temporary fence along all footpaths and crossings, stopping pedestrians from entering the construction zone or oncoming traffic.

Through early engagement with both schools and Hazell Bros participation in the local community, the project team were able to form great relationships with the schools which prompted a positive result for all involved!

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