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Mt Nebo Project

Mt Nebo Road, a narrow mountaintop road north of Brisbane, has recently experienced significant negative impacts on its safety from major storm events. The road received funding to rectify the major land slippage that occurred as a result.
Hazell Bros has been contracted to perform constrained excavation and fill earthworks, the construction of retaining walls including stacked gabion baskets and soil nail walls.

Due to the location and surrounding terrain the footprint of the project is heavily restricted. The project is being conducted with preservation of the environment at the forefront of concerns. One section of the project was designed to allow for the existing trees to remain, minimising the need for clearing. The physical work to build the gabion wall is a slow process, with the baskets needing to be hand filled with rock to ensure that the distribution of each layer is precise.

Hazell Bros are excited to be completing the challenging project, check back soon for updates!

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