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Main Beach seawall receives a $780,000 upgrade

See the video here.

The Main Beach Seawall reconstruction project forms part of the Three Point Plan for Coastal Protection which implements 30 years of beach protection works under the City of Gold Coast’s Ocean Beaches Strategy.

Ocean seawall improvement works at Main Beach will commence in September 2015.

These works are expected to be finalised during December 2015.

During works, sand will be removed to enable the seawall to be constructed. The seawall will then be covered with sand, before further works, including the restoration of the foreshore, reinstatement of furniture, concrete footways and park landscape areas will be completed.

Once completed, the newly constructed seawall will improve the resilience of community infrastructure to coastal erosion during extreme weather events.

Dune areas will be fenced for protection and revegetated with appropriate species on completion of the seawall.

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