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ILS Project - Gold Coast Airport

The Gold Coast Airport received the official handover from the Hazell Bros team this month following completion of the Instrumentation Landing System project. The finalisation of the project means that Gold Coast Airport can now upgrade its runway instrumentation systems; allowing for safer aircraft landing during low visibility weather, and through a combination of improvement projects, ultimately the Airport aims to encourage a more diverse network of airlines to launch services at the Gold Coast. This is the first project completed by Hazell Bros for Gold Coast Airport and Airports Queensland. Throughout the project, many achievements were made:

• Contaminated Landfill – zero recordings of ACM in air monitors. Performing earthworks on parcels of land
that are known to contain Hazardous Landfill (ACM & PFAS Chemicals), operations included excavation,
sort/sift and stockpile, cap, haul and dispose.

• Environmentally Sensitive Areas – through periods of high rainfall intensity events coinciding with a run
out tidal influence, the project was able to sustain excellent water quality standards. Works were located
directly over and adjacent to the Cobaki Broadwater Reserve, working within this footprint came with strict
ESC restrictions and continual monitoring to ensure compliance was above and beyond.

• Cultural Sensitive Works – Zero damages or Breaches with excavation works. Earthworks and major excavation
of culturally significant land – working closely with custodians of land to ensure no artefacts were
destroyed or endangered.

• Stabilised Acid Sulphate Soils - over 3000m3 were stabilised and reused onsite.

• Diversion of existing tidal drain, no breaches of water quality during construction.

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