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Dohles Rocks Road

We recently had a chat with one of our Project Managers, Deepa, to find out a little more about the Dohles Rocks Road upgrade located on the north side of Brisbane in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area.

Did you meet the client’s program for practical completion?

Actually, at the time of tender, its up to the construction team to set the program. We gave ourselves a competitive target program. This becomes the practical completion date under the contract. We were able to achieve this date to the benefit of the community and client.

What was the size of the construction team?

The team was made up of myself, a Project Engineer, Graduate Engineer, Supervisor, Leading Hand and three labourers, plus subcontractors.

It appeared to be a busy traffic area, were there any restrictions in place around traffic queuing?

Yes, the contract was very strict. The road carried high traffic volumes being the onramp and off ramp connections to the Bruce Highway connecting to the city. We were required to maintain existing lane configurations during day time, and not cause any impact to peak hour traffic. This meant traffic running both ways at all times, the build-up of traffic at peak hour was significant without the impact of road works, so this aspect made for a challenging work site. We also needed to ensure pedestrians had safe access through the work site, and away from traffic – particularly school children walking to school.

What were the technically challenging elements to the project?

Overall, this has been a challenging roadworks project. Due to the restrictions of existing services, especially high-pressure gas main, bundles of 33kV underground power and limitations on lane closures the works were staged to undertake major work under partial road closures at night. There was the installation of multi-cell box culverts diagonally across the On Ramp intersection, for a total of 6 consecutive nights. Traffic signals were installed at the intersections to both the on & off ramps.

How much did the nightworks affect the contract?

It was necessary for us to construct the project with a day time crew and a night time crew for the majority of the works. The traffic management restrictions really dictated the construction staging for this contract.

While the client was Moreton Bay Regional Council, the on ramp and off ramp were DTMR owned assets, what affect did this have on the contract?

It meant that all of our Traffic Guidance Schemes required approval by TMR as well as Moreton Bay. So, there was an additional level of governance that we needed to abide by prior to starting or changing works in those areas. In addition, the intersection was monitored by Traffic Management centre through CCTV as it was DTMR owned.

Your team is building a strong reputation with Moreton Bay, how many projects is this now? And what’s next?

Yes, it’s great to keep the same crew working together, we have had the opportunity to build the confidence of our client. This is project number six now, and with a few tenders waiting on decisions with the Council’s assessment team we hope to receive some positive news very soon!


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