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General Contractor Assessment Form - FRM-GRP-007A

As part of our Contractor engagement and review process, Hazell Bros requires the attached form to be completed and returned together with copies of insurance certificates of currency and other documentation as applicable. Certificates of Currency should be obtained from your broker or insurer so that renewal is verifiable. If you do not have access to certificates at this time, they may be provided separately by replying and attaching them to the email that the link to this form was provided on. Note you cannot save the form and return to it later.

1. Business Information


If you ticked any of the above, you are required to communicate the HAZELL BROS CHAIN OF RESPONSIBILITY MANAGEMENT PLAN to your employees/subcontractors
Periodically, Hazell Bros or its Auditors will request to view these records. Failure to produce will result in a non-conformance or suspension of services.

3. Employee and Subcontractor Information

Hazell Bros requires all contractors to ensure that they and their employees and subcontractors comply with Hazell Bros and/or site health and safety requirements as outlined in the CONTRACTOR HANDBOOK which can be downloaded by clicking on the words CONTRACTOR HANDBOOK
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4. Management Systems

5. Insurance Details

6. Contractor Declaration

Click on CONTRACTOR HANDBOOK above to download.
Click on SMOKE FREE WORKPLACE POLICY above to download.
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